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Welcome to Holstershack.com.

HolsterShack.com was founded with the idea of providing all firearm owners with the neccessary accessories they need to carry their firearms.   We believe it is important to not just have a holster that fits your gun but is also comfortable to wear.

Many gun owners opt to not carry their guns with them when they go out.    Often times they believe that the  gun is too heavy or too hard against the body.   What many gun owners don't realize is that the right holster is just as important as the right gun.  With the right holster for you, your gun will no longer feel so heavy nor will it rub against your side.

At HolsterShack.com we are committed to helping each of our visitors find the holster that is right for them.   Every gun owner is different and there is no one size fits all when it comes to holsters.   We want to help you find the holster that works best for YOU and YOUR needs.

At HolsterShack.com we strive to meet each of our customers needs personally as if they are walkin visitors at an actual physical store.  We encourage our visitors to send us a message and describe their firearm and how they like to carry or conceal it.   We make it a point to reply to all of our visitors within 24 hours and we will point you to the holster that we feel is the best match for you and your needs.

Incase we are ever wrong we offer a full money back gaurantee or exchange for  a different holster with no questions asked. Our job is to provide you with a holster that you will never want to take off.  If  for any reason you are not satisfied with the holster you purchased from us please fill out the Returns form and we will respond within 24 hours with instructions on how to return your holster for a full refund or exchange.

At HolsterShack we recognize the importance of having a holster for your firearm that does not only give you a means to carry and conceal but is also comfortable to wear.  Every gun owner has their own preference on how they like to carry their weapon.  For that reason we make it a point to carry holsters that will benefit to each person.

We have a whole line of gun holsters of different brands and uses.  Whether you carry a firearm for personal protection or for duty use we are confident we have the type of holster you are looking for.

If you have trouble deciding which holster is best for you and your needs, feel free to click the contact button above and send us a message.  Describe what type of firearm you have and how you like to carry it.  Describe any problems you may be having with your current holster.   We will help you locate the holster that will fit your firearm and will be comfortable to  wear.

We understand that most people purchase their firearm first then look for a holster to go with it.   Most online stores that sell holsters have their products sorted by brand or type.   We sort our products by the gun manufacturer in order to make your shopping experience easier.    Simply select your gun make and model from the list on the left and all the holsters that fit that type of gun will be displayed.

Remember we are here to assist you so please don't hesitate if you have questions.  Simply fill out the contact form by clicking the contact button on the top.

Thank you for visiting HolsterShack.com




  • Unless otherwise specified all orders are shipped within 24 hours on business days.
  • you can expect to receive your order within 5 business days.
  • Shipping is $12.00 flat rate.  Purchase as many items as you like and the shipping will remain $12.00
  • All Holsters are RIGHT HAND draw unless they are specified as  LEFT HAND DRAW in the description. 
  • If you are purchasing rifle or handgun magazines and live in the listed areas, restrictions will apply.

    California- No mags over 10rds
    Hawaii- No handgun mags over 10rds.
    Massachusetts- No mags over 10rds.
    Maryland- No mags over 10rds.
    New Jersey- No mags over 15rds.
    New York- No mags over 10rds.
    Chicago-No mags over 10rds.
    Connecticut- No mags .
    Washington DC- No mags over 10rds.
    Colorado- No rifle or handgun mags over 15rds or shotgun mags over 8rd.